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Choosing a destination for a bicycle ride

More often than not I choose a cycling route based on a location of some small town somewhere. Those places might not have almost anything special to see or visit, but I'm fascinated by small towns. Especially their history and stories told by the old timers. Planning begins So first of all I decide how long ride I want to do. I start looking on the map and see what my destination could be within that distance. I try to choose places which are easy to access via small roads. I don't really enjoy riding on a busy roads. Especially in winter when it's annoying and plain dangerous to do so. When I find some small town / church / other place which seems interesting enough, I make a route using  Komoot  and upload it to my cycling computer. Usually it takes time to make the route so that I'm happy with it. Living history After everything is ready and I'm happy with the chosen destination as well as the route, I will start searching information about the destination. Some