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Story time: A stranger in the eyes of an era

 It's almost like a cliché but sometimes it's not necessary to travel far for a thought provoking adventure. We are so busy in this society that our perception is constantly looking for the next big thing instead of concentrating to the current moment.

On my recent fairly late summer night ride I stumbled upon an old railway stop. It's not in official use anymore but acts as a small shelter, kind of a picnic place I quess. 

Leukaluut seisake, railway stop in Finland

There are random books there. They have no common theme. Just books that people have brought in. In some sense this is beautiful. Think about it. Reading a random book, in a seemingly random railway stop, brough in by a random stranger.  I think it would make a lifelong memory to take the time to sit down in this place and read one random book from the shelf. Lifelong memories are foundations for the stories we tell our children.

Railway stop with books

In our day and age people do not tend to do this kind of things anymore. We're too busy. Instead of living life to the fullest, we perform tasks we think are mandatory for us.

Not much, yet so much

After wondering life for a while I continued riding this beautiful gravel road. Truly countryside. It's almost silent, sun in setting down and colouring the sky in beautiful shades of red. 

Countryside in Finland

After riding another five kilometres I see a fairly tall bird watching tower. I'm not a fan of heights, but this time I feel it's the time to do the climb. 

Bird watch tower

First set of stairs are easy, nothing special, simply normal stairs. However the next ones which lead to the highest level of the tower...they are more ladder like than stairs. As a bonus, they are really, really wobbly. Despite of my dislike for this kind of climbs I start to go higher. I am able to overcome my dislike for heights simply by forcing my mind to scope with the situation.

The sunset is really beautiful from the top of the tower. These kinds of things are the one we're living for. Overcoming yourself. Discovering an eternity in one simple moment. It seems nothing much, yet it's more than you could ever hope for. It's all relative, just like time.

Sunset in Finland


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