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Story time: Experiencing life

 Winter is upon us here in Finland. Unlike last year, it seems that this time the winter is actually fairly cold and snowy. It was -8 Celsius (17.6 F) outside when I decided to ride 60 kilometers on backcountry gravel roads to see if I can find an adventure. I certainly did. First my route took me to an old railway stop between too lakes. There the wind was very, very cold and it felt like -25 Celsius. I took some pictures and ate a banana and started heading deeper into the backcountry roads hoping it would be less windy in the forest roads. My plan was to go for a coffee etc. in the nearby cafĂ© to warm up but of course I had forgotten my wallet. I had fairly good winter cycling clothing, two bananas and some water so I decided to just continue my ride anyway. Frozen wonderland After riding few kilometers on a fairly busy road I started to felt the cold in my toes. The road was really slippery and I had cyclocross tires on. They are good on snow, but without studs riding on ice is ver