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Story time: Path less travelled

 It's been awhile since my last blog post. I've been busy with life, family etc. However, this time I have something different. Long distance mountain biking adventure!

Recently I bought a new bike. It's a hardtail mountain bike. It fits 27.5" plus size tyres (2.8") so it's more than capable of beating some dirt. If you want to know the bike in more detail, check my bicycles page.

I rode 160 kilometres of old abandoned forest service roads and single tracks through beautiful landscapes in southern Finland.

Sounds of silence

Forests are never silent. They whisper stories non-stop. You just need to be there, with an open heart and listen. It's the most beautiful music one can hear. Creaks of dead pine trees, wind howling, squirrels climbing, jumping and throwing pine cones. Occasionally you may hear a fox making funny noises or an elk making terrifying, almost spooky sounds.

One of the old service roads I was riding went through a very dark forest. It felt like no-one had been there for very, very long time. However, there was a welcoming feeling, feeling of peace.

The road went along around 20 kilometres in the forest passing a beautiful small lake. There was a sense of autumn in the air. 

I started to see more light through the trees, there was something behind the forest... a railroad...

Railroad and old ruins

After coming out from the forest there was a railroad in front of me. I rode the railroad service road for at least 30 kilometres. In some weird way it was very enjoyable even thought the road was in very bad condition. At least three times a cargo train went by. Personally I find that trains and railroads are symbols of freedom. Symbols of adventure.

I saw a gravel road ahead and decided to turn there. That gravel road lead me to ruins of something. Not sure what the place used to be but for sure it looked interesting. Any ideas? 

House of elves

From the mysterious gravel road I turned into a small trail heading back deep into the forest. The trail was very technical to ride. Plenty of rocks and roots. Suddenly I saw a small cabin. Middle of this dense forest, no roads leading to it, only this small rocky trail I was riding on. Very fascinating. Probably just some boy scout cabin, but hey who knows. House of elves. There was something magical in this place. I sat down for a while and had some snacks. It was extremely silent. I could hear a small river running near by.

Our lives are as fascinating as we make them to be. Imagination. That's what makes your story for tomorrow.

Happy trails,


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