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What bicycle tyres for long distance riding?

First of you need to know what size of tyres your bike will fit. I will talk about 700x28c road bicycle tyres as that's what I use on my road bike. Although most of the tyres I use can be found on different sizes too. I find 28c tyres pretty good. They can handle some gravel roads OK while they are nice to ride on paved roads, which I prefer. Sometimes punctures can't be avoided Durability vs low rolling resistance? For long distance riding I personally think that durability is more important than low rolling resistance. As I gain a lot of kilometers per month I don't want to be buying new tyres every other month. Usually good quality tyre will last around 2000-4000 kilometers depending on riders weight, condition of the roads and whatnot. However, even though I want durability rather than low rolling resistance I will always try to use tyres that have the best from the both worlds. I usually look up some reviews, check the weight of the tyres and make up my mind based on t